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I shared something with a friend of mine but my friend shared that with other people without my permission.
My friend came to know that my data was breached but didn’t report it back to me.

In the light of the recent Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data breach, I can’t help but notice it’s similarity to Gossip.

Facebook is your friend who gossiped!


Cheap way to make Friendship

The hard way to make friendship is to share common interest/activity or to help each other grow. However, that takes a lot of time and effort.

Gossip is a quick way to make a connection with someone. It makes us look popular and cool.

Gossip is mostly a Projection of yourself

If I gossip, I am showing that I cannot be trusted.

If I gossip, I am spending time on things that I cannot change (other people’s actions).

If I’m listening to someone who gossips, I am judging other people before hearing their thoughts.

Gossip is mostly projection - which means you should be careful what you say about others. You are actually talking about yourself.

Inspired from this Quora post

Kaushik Rangadurai

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