Six Stages of A Project

This blog post is a cynical take on various stages of a large project. The list was first published in the 1970s with respect to Computer Science projects but has been extended to Engineering and other projects as well. Interestingly (or rather sadly), this still makes sense.

  1. Enthusiasm - The first stage of a project where everyone is excited to work on something new.
  2. Disillusionment - Reality hits and the project doesn’t seem as interesting as it did sometime ago.
  3. Panic and Hysteria - Panic over completion of the project.
  4. Hunt for the guilty - Stage where everyone complains about someone else but no one is willing to find the solution.
  5. Punishment for the innocent - Blame the project’s failure on someone else.
  6. Reward for the Uninvolved - the ‘uninvolved’ are the only ones who are still sane.

Have a happy Friday :)

Kaushik Rangadurai

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