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I’ve been wanting to improve my Badminton skills for a while now and I finally decided to take private lessons. I was really excited about this and had prepared a long list of skills that I wanted to improve in the few classes. This blog post is about how I ended up learning something different on the first day!

After watching me play a few points, the coach came to me and said - “Kaushik, lots of energy and passion but relax”. I didn’t take it too seriously as I was still focused on the drills for the day. About 30 minutes later, after a drill of the forehand net spin, he came to me and said -

Kaushik, don’t forget to enjoy and keep breathing!

Keep Breathing.

This wasn’t the first time someone had told me this but I was taken aback after hearing this from a person who has just met me for a few minutes. And he was right, I was so into the drill that I didn’t breathe for a few seconds. I smiled and before I could nod, he continued - “you don’t always have to run too hard to get to the shuttle (birdie) and you don’t always have to hit the shuttle as hard as you can to win the point.”

At the end, I thanked the coach for a great lesson - he thought I was referring to the badminton skills!

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