Simplifiers vs Optimizers

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There are 2 kinds of people based on the way they plan their events or tasks - the simplifiers and the optimizers. A simplifier is one who will prefer the easy way to accomplish a task (or a set of tasks), while knowing that some amount of extra effort might have produced a better outcome. An optimizer, on the other hand, looks for the very best solution even if the extra complexity increases the odds of unexpected problems.

Simplifier vs Optimizer

Simplification is great as it frees up energy but it is not always the best option. It is also worth mentioning that in most cases, we’re always pressed for time leaving us no option but to optimize. Here’re some factors that can help you decide -

People Involved - When you need to communicate with people, almost always simplifying is the way to go (planning trips with large groups). The exception being when you’re going out with people of your similar wavelength (simple dinner).

Importance of event - If you have an important event (think job interviews) planned for the day, keep it simple. However, learn to optimize your daily/weekly chores (think grocery shopping).

Systems - When working with systems (think diet or exercise plans), most often simpler systems are more effective and also easier to follow.

When in doubt, keep it simple!

Source - How to fail at almost everything and still win big.

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