Reactions to Tough Moments - An Observation

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A minor disappointment today got me thinking about the different ways in which either I’ve reacted or observed others react to tough moments - more specifically failures, disappointments, losses and defeats. The list below in random order -


Deny - What failure? :P

Criticize - If I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me!

Blame - The most common reaction - it is easy, makes you feel better and we all love doing it.

Sympathize - So what I failed in X, atleast I’m successful in A,B and C.

Share - This works to some extent - if you don’t overdo it and if you’re willing to accept feedback!

Hide - I’m ashamed and I don’t want to meet or talk to anyone right now!

Abscond - Depending on the magnitude, this could mean taking a vacation or moving to a new place or in some cases just going out.

Distract - Distract yourself from getting bogged down - the distraction could either be a positive distraction (hitting the gym or focusing on work) or a negative one (well, you know!!).

Compensate - Compensate the failure in one field with a success in another.

Observe - Observing your own failure means treating it like a third-person case-study, taking notes and then moving on.

Kaushik Rangadurai

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