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At dinner, a couple of us were having fun criticizing our friend for eating less. He had been eating the right amount, or he was dieting from our perspective, and was having a tough(er) time doing it eating with us. I quickly imagined myself in his shoes and here are a few things that come to my mind to avoid this -

  1. Take more time to eat your food - People mostly judge you based on the time you take to eat your food.

  2. Eat more number of items (a little bit of everything) - Imagine this to be a dynamic programming Knapsack problem - how do you maximize the number of items to eat while keeping the calorie count within limits.

  3. Share food - Since I don’t like to waste food, I usually end up sharing food with others. This way it is easier for others to note how much I ate.

  4. I just ate something before - Hard to argue with this.

  5. Distract - I usually have a few things to talk about during dinner/lunch and this gives them less time to think about how much food I’m eating.

  6. Never go to a buffet - Because it is just a lot harder to do the above things :)


Kaushik Rangadurai

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