Start With Why

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In the book Start With Why, Simon Sinek explains how companies, teams and partnerships innovate and grow using the Golden Circle.

Purpose Process Result

Most companies sell what they do (for eg, computers), a few companies see how they do it (by designing our computers beautifully) but very few sell why they do it. Apple revered the communication and started with why through this commercial -

Apple Think Different

Since Apple started with why, people bought whatever they sold - computers, iPods, laptops, iPhones, iPads and now the iWatch.

Start with why!

Another key takeaway from this book is regarding what motivates teams and partnerships. If everyone in the team has the same line of thought on all the discussions, it is going to be difficult for each of them to learn from one another and grow. For a team to be motivated and constantly learning, they have to agree on the Whys (the values and the purpose) but differ on some of the Hows (the process).

Jobs and Wozniack, Gates and Paul Allen, Federer and Nadal - it is the differing styles, personalities and the hows that pushed each other and enabled them be a better version of themselves.

Kaushik Rangadurai

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