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If you look at the lives of everyone around you, you’ll notice that life is a sine wave. On the positive side - you might be successful in your job and get to spend time with the people you love. On the down side - you might fall sick or lose your loved ones. In fact, one of the greatest truths in life is that life is difficult and no one goes through life without facing problems. It is great because once we truly understand and accept it, then it no longer becomes difficult. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Sine Wave

If you think of life as a series of problems, then the very existence or meaning or purpose of life is to confront and solve them.

It is what makes us grow, get better. Yet, most of us complain and moan about the existence of problems in our lives as if life is supposed to be easy. We run and hide from our problems expecting them to go away. We procrastinate and make up excuses hoping they would magically vanish. It is not hard to see why we neglect - it gives us an illusion that we’ve solved our problems. It makes us feel better in the short term. Life appears to be easy, happy and we think that the problem would go away by itself.


The very first step in solving the problem is to accept responsibility. The truth is that life is difficult and it consists of a sequence of problems and the dare is to solve them.

Source - The Road Less Traveled By Scott M. Peck

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