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We all lose things and we all have different ways of dealing with it. This blog post is how I deal with it (a little exaggerated for fun) -

  1. Search for it in places that have the least likelihood - I’ve never opened my travel bag in the last 2 years, but there is a small chance that the glasses I lost yesterday might be in it.

  2. Search for it in the same place multiple times - There’s a small chance that the item might have crawled back since my last iteration of searching.

  3. Ask everyone about it - I’m tired of searching, can you also look for it?

  4. Blame it on the next person - Trust me, this feels good :)

  5. Buy a better alternative - Losing this object now gives me an opportunity to buy something better.

  6. Start saving money so that you can buy it again - If I don’t eat out for the next umpteen times, I’ll be able to buy it again.

  7. Listen to sad music - One of friends did this and it definitely helped him. If you’re a Tamil music fan, here’s my recommendation.

  8. Watch this George Carlin Video - There are some things I don’t even care if I get it back but I want to know where it went!

  9. Deny that I’ve lost it - I’ve not lost it, I just don’t remember where I kept it last.

George Carlin On Losing Things

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