I Told You So

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The 4 words we dread hearing and yet we have the habit of using this phrase every now and then, usually with a smug look on our face. Here are 3 reasons why we must break the habit -

Adds Salt To the Wound - The person you’re saying this is probably already hurt and you’d just be adding salt to the wound. No good comes from using this phrase.

I’m right and You’re Wrong Mindset - It’s hard to offer any help with this kind of mindset. Whatever you say or do with this mindset doesn’t matter.

Focuses on the Problem and not the Solution - Most importantly, this phrase focuses on the problem and not on the solution. It means you’re still focused on the past and not thinking about the next steps. Everyone makes mistakes - learn from them and move on.

A little bit of fun to end the blog post -


Kaushik Rangadurai

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