Why CEO's Fail

The book talks about 11 personality traits that could derail an executive/CEO’s career. They’re -

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Last winter season, a couple of friends and I decided to ski in Tahoe, a 3.5 hour drive from my place. The season pass was a little expensive and we didn’t want t...

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Getting Work Done

My friend had come home and I was telling him that I need to get some work done over the weekend but I was feeling a tad lazy. He asked me to start by cleaning th...

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Being Passionate

I was on a hike with my friends and one of them was passionate about brewing coffee and like all passionate people, he was enthusiastically talking about it for a...

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The Change Process

I was learning the techniques of a drop shot in Badminton and the coach had spotted a flaw in the way I hit this shot - I bend my arm while playing the shot and h...

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Keep Breathing

I’ve been wanting to improve my Badminton skills for a while now and I finally decided to take private lessons. I was really excited about this and had prepared a...

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slf4j vs log4j

Any Java developer who has worked on production systems or applications would realize the importance of logging. And in Java, there are various logging tools - ja...

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Git Hacks

Below are some of the Git commands that are not well known but I use them frequently and I find them to be useful -

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The 10-10-10 rule

We all have to make tough decisions in our life - whether it is as complicated as deciding what to do when we’ve lost your job or as simple as whether to buy this...

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One of the things that I don’t like about vacations is arranging my travel plans to and from the airport. My options are -

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