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This is the second blog post on lessons from Poker - you can find the first post here.

Poker is a game of unknowns. Imagine playing a game of chess with multiple opponents at the same time and where you can only see some of the opponent’s chess pieces. This is what makes Poker a really interesting mind game. Some people see Poker as a game where one needs to solve the unknowns — figuring out what cards are there in others hands, what are there in the draw, what kind of strategies others are following, who is bluffing, who is saying the truth etc.

In fact, it is even considered a good strategy to lose money if you were able to gain vital information. This leads us to the lesson - the goal of Poker isn’t to win every game, the goal is to win enough games such that you take home more than you brought in. And when you’re not able solve the unknowns in a game of Poker, the best strategy is to Fold!

Poker Life Lessons

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