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A little more than 6 weeks ago, I fractured my ankle. As I was living alone, this was harder than I initially thought and this blog post is about my learnings from this experience.

A boy on cast and crutches
  1. Thank you - Firstly, it wasn’t as bad as it looked or as I make it sound in this blogpost. I was never in a lot of pain and also I was fortunate to be helped by a lot of people around me - let it be shopping, bringing food, taking out trash, hanging out, dropping me or picking me up from work. Thank you so much guys! (and no, I’m not treating for this!)

  2. Carrying and moving things - As the doctor informed me that I would be on cast and crutches, I thought to myself that this couldn’t be that bad - just wouldn’t be able to walk as much as I wanted to. However, I soon realized that my hands were tied as well (on the crutches) - carrying my plate, moving things around in the house etc became difficult as well.

    a. Always carry a plastic bag in your pocket or a bag on your shoulder - this would help you to carry things (tv remote, laptop, tablet, clothes etc).

    b. You can also hang plastic bags on your crutches and this could help you carry a few small things.

    c. Use moving chairs to move large objects (like a table fan!)

  3. Shopping - Don’t think twice to make yourself comfortable. Some of the things that I purchased -

    a. Shorts for work - a lot of them!!

    b. Laundary Bag - to carry on your shoulders.

    c. Shower Stool - Too painful to stand and take a shower (and risky too)!!

    d. Seal Tight Cover for Cast - made my life so much easier!!

  4. Uber, Doordash and Instacart - Being in the Bay Area, there were a lot of startups that made my life so independent and gave me the freedom to go wherever I want and give me whatever I need. I used Uber to moving around, doordash to order food at your doorstep and instacart for groceries.

  5. Exercise - A lot of my friends advised me to use the scooter but I decided against it. Crutches was my way of staying fit during this time and it is a great exercise - walking for even a few meters on it would leave me panting and sweating.

  6. Ask for help - I usually have a tough time asking for help and this was a perfect situation for me to learn how to do so. A few things I’ve learnt during this time -

    a. Always say ‘thank you’ - even if it is your best friend or even if it is for the smallest of help.

    b. Give your friends a chance to say ‘NO’ whenever you ask for help.

    c. People like to be helped and you’re giving them this chance - try to be polite and make them feel comfortable. Don’t be a pain in the a** and remind them that you’re a burden to them!!

  7. Stay Positive - I had a lot of free time (nothing else to do in the evenings) and as you know the mind tends to wander. It is natural to have mood swings or to get upset or sad or anger once in a while - don’t try to resist it. Accept, embrace and enjoy them as you look at it from a third person’s perspective.

I’m so glad to be back on my feet again - can’t wait to resume my morning runs!!


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