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I was in Chicago last year and I was looking for ways to spend the day just by myself. So, I called my friend and asked for recommendations (the old-fashioned way) and he recommended me to visit the Art Institute near the downtown. I was initially surprised and skeptical - I am not a big fan of art but decided to trust to my friend this one time and walked in. To my surprise, I spent 4-5 hours in the museum and I had a great time!

Chicago Art Institute

The Chicago Art Museum has around 300,000 works across 1 Million sq.ft. in 8 buildings. For an art layman, this was really daunting but as I walked in they handed me a brochure and the last page read something like this - If you’ve only got 1 hour to spend in this museum, make sure to check these 12 works. I thought this was a great idea - I ended up spending a lot more time than I would have usually and it made me think that these 12 out of the 300,000 art exhibits were the best (I’m not sure if they actually were).

Most times we get confused and unnecessarily ponder over too many choices without making a decision but when given a few good options, the decision making becomes easier. There have been a lot of research experiments to understand this human behavior of choice vs decision making. In one such experiment by the researchers at Columbia University, 6 varieties of jam were setup in a grocery store. They became popular and attracted good crowd. A few days later, they had setup 24 varieties of jam and they found out that they were even more popular and attracted more people. But the surprise came at the cash counter - customers who had to choose among 6 jams are 10 times more likely to buy than the customers who had chose from 24.

Less is more!!

Kaushik Rangadurai

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