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I’ve been using the HBO app on my iPhone a lot recently and this blogpost is about my thoughts on what could be done to improve the user experience.

  1. Binge Watching - Some of the things that could be done to make it easier to binge-watch :

    • Automatically play the next episode when I’m done with the current episode.

    • Easy navigation to the TV series home if I’m watching a particular episode. I constantly had to search for the TV series again and then navigate within that to the next or previous episode.

  2. Viewing History - It would be great to have a viewing history - a list of videos (categorized by the TV series name and not the episode name) sorted in the decreasing order of viewing time.

  3. Personalization - Some of the simple personalization ideas to start off with -

    • Preferences and Recommendations - Understand the user’s preferences (explicitly or implicitly) and recommend movies or TV shows based on it.

    • People Also Viewed - To start off with this can be as simple as grouping by genre or TV series but then could get more complicated using co-views in a session.

I understand that they’re not a Tech company but if they’re competing with the likes of Netflix, they’ve to do a lot better!

HBO Go App

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