We are all unique

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We’re all unique and that’s awesome!

Most of us agree to the above statement and yet we fail to realize this in our daily lives. It could be your husband who is convincing you to switch to Apple iPhone even though you like Android. Or it could be your parent or an aunt or uncle who is convincing you that now is the best time to get married or have a kid. Or it could be your friend judging you for not liking a movie that everyone else liked. While it is true that they have your best interest and know you best but they fail to see that you are different! They imagine themselves in your situation and fail to see what’s best for you!


This blog post is about trying to explore this topic understanding the kind of people who fail to realize this, what they do and how they can get better!


Experienced - “I’ve gone through this and hence I know exactly how you’ll feel is what the experienced think. They fail to see that there are different ways to reach the destination. They’re right to caution you on the bad roads to avoid, but they get carried away and draw the entire path for you.

Perfectionist - There’s only 1 perfect way to do this is what a perfectionist thinks.

Judgmental - “I know why you did that” - a judgmental person quickly comes to this conclusion (maybe based on their past experience) without giving you a chance to explain yourself.

Frankly, I think, we’ve all seen and behaved like each of the above 3 personalities. What differentiates each one of us is how long we are in this frame of mind and how we behave when we’re in them.


Complain or whine - We do this when we feel helpless and all we can do is to complain.

Criticize or make fun - We do this anytime we feel insecure or want to act cool.

Manipulate or Change - The worst among the three - some justify themselves by saying that they’re trying to bring a positive change in others but they fail to see that they’re trying to fix or change something that is already perfect!

Now What

Read books - We are strongly influenced by our upbringing and the people around us. Books are a great way to broaden our minds.

Travel I know this sounds cliched but what I really mean is meet different people and travel is definitely one way to do that.

Reflect - Instead of focusing on complaining, criticizing or changing the people around you, focus on yourself and think how you can be a better version of yourself.


And most importantly, be yourself regardless of what anyone else tells.

It’s awesome to be different from the everyone around you.
It’s awesome to be unique!
It’s awesome to be yourself!!

Kaushik Rangadurai

Code. Learn. Explore

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